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Karate, the most widespread Japanese martial arts in the world, is the product of a long evolution that put the most ancient Western civilizations in communication with the Eastern ones through the Silk Roads. Without the premise of trade there would have been no exchanges of ideas, inventions and techniques among this vast aggregation of cultures.


The most important statement on which all the research in this text is based, is that the colonization of Tibet, which began in the 6th century BC by the Chinese aristocrats of Shāndōng who had embraced Taoism, was the fuse that allowed the beginning of an intense exchange of warrior techniques. As the religious people of the European Middle Ages were the first interpreters and popularizers of the Greek-Latin humanistic culture, many centuries earlier, these Taoist monks had gathered knowledge in various fields of knowledge, especially medicine and strategy. The definitive abandonment of their temple in the 7th century AD coincided with one of the major big bangs in martial arts, from whose algorithm important Quánfǎ systems were born, which are at the origin of many techniques and kata collected in current Karate styles.


The author’s choice to call this new and more up-to-date research on Karate “Great History” lies in the desire to connect a lot of new information to what was already known about the Okinawan martial art, at the same time favoring new research perspectives.


“The great history of Karate” comes largely from the historical section of “The Shōtōkan Stylistic System”. On the one hand, if this information removes the desire to buy it from those who have already read the first work, on the other, it investigates further themes about the ancient and recent origins of Karate. The most remote reports underline the connections of Okinawan martial art with the Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Greco-Hellenistic war disciplines. The most recent innovations, on the other hand, connect with greater precision the characters of the Chinese martial arts of Fúzhōu with their students who became the pioneers of Karate.




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From hidden origins to modern sport


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